Caring for an elderly loved one is quite common. More than 34 million Americans care for a relative over the age of 50. While this can be gratifying and give one a sense of purpose, it can also be extremely difficult at times.

Caring for your parents and grandparents can have its good days and its bad days. We’re all human and sometimes it can feel more than a little overwhelming. This is when respite care becomes a necessity. Homecare agencies provide respite care services so that primary caregivers can take a break or receive some expert assistance for more serious situations.

Five Examples of When Respite Care for Seniors is Necessary

      1. Recovery from Illness or After Hospitalization

When your loved one has been in hospital or is recovering from a serious illness, the specialized care they need may be more than you are able to provide. A home health aide service can provide a skilled nurse who is trained to treat wounds and perform other basic medical tasks under the supervision of a doctor.

       2. Medical Conditions

Your elderly loved one may be diagnosed with a serious long-term illness that requires specialized care. Conditions like Alzheimer’s disease are not easy to cope with if you don’t have the experience or training to care for people with this type of medical condition. Respite caregivers are trained to care for seniors with all types of illnesses. You can get the help you need from a home care agency that will provide a caregiver who specializes in the care that your loved one needs. 

       3. Travel 

If you need to take a vacation or travel for business, a respite caregiver can stand in for you while you’re away. 

       4. Other Engagements

You are more than just a caregiver. You have a family, a career, and a social life. There will be times when you need to attend to other obligations. Even if it’s just for a few hours, respite caregivers can be there to take care of your loved one. 

       5. Rest and Recharge

Being a primary caregiver is demanding work, both physically and mentally. Time away, helps you refresh and makes it easier for you to provide the loving care that your mom or dad deserves. 

Respite Care in Omaha Nebraska

When you need dependable respite care in Omaha, Nebraska, contact ABRIA Home Health. No one understands the needs of seniors better than we do. 

Our trained, highly skilled respite caregivers will provide the same loving care for your relative as you do. 

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